ADvanced MAnufacturing

NExtIN is now one of the ADMA (European Advanced Manufacturing Support Centre) project Supportive Organisations.

With the purpose of helping SMEs overcome the barriers for the adoption of these Advance Manufacturing Technologies, the ADMA initiative offers them a series of services. Partners will interact with SMEs to define their industrial needs to support them in becoming Factories of the Future. Above all NExtIN will support the initiative by disseminating the project results. Furthermore NExtIn will be proactive in sharing its knowledge in the field of industrial modernization technologies.

European manufacturing SMEs participating in ADMA will receive:

  • Tailor-made support and proper training on the adoption of advanced manufacturing solutions;
  • Assessment for the elaboration and implementation of a transformation plan and transform your company towards a next-generation factory with more competitive, modern and sustainable production.

Learn more about the ADMA initiative