Today, NExtIN network consists of 9 SMEs and 2 Research Centers representing 220 multidisciplinary employees with a turnover of over 20M euro.

The main thing that the NExtIN members have in common is a renowned knowledge of the IT sector, either as service providers or as developers of innovative technology, principally custom based.


The network is mainly focused on delivering customized innovation solutions mainly for the manufacturing sector,but remains open for all channels of expertise and players in the IT environment.


Thanks to individual expertise of its members, NExtIN has built also a strong competence in designing and delivering digital platforms and solutions aimed at facilitating  the internal and external knowledge exchange and dissemination in single organisations or in large R&D international projects.


NExtIN addresses three main types of target audiences: small-medium size companies with a strong innovation demand;  technology transfer oriented research centers; regional policy makers who need a structured dialogue with industrial players.